Many thanks to Urayoán Noel for including me in his Diasporican Poets Mixtape on Harriet: Blog of the Poetry Foundation. Noel concludes, “Ultimately, De Jesus’s “The Erasures of NOCT” and Mercado’s Nuyorican Women Writers Anthology are reminders to privileged-professor-me that the craft of poetry is for many of us inseparable from the ongoing and largely invisible labor of sustaining the communities that in turn sustain us, and I thank them for their work. Let those be our poetry’s foundations.” I’m floored to receive such recognition for what is largely self-published material, especially considering the professional and academic accolades of everyone else on this list (and that Don Share rejected this piece for Poetry). ~hehehe~ but im still up in those webpages cuz i’m a ho with the gift of brujeria.

I couldn’t have possibly been the best, but I deeply, deeply appreciate the gesture. Thank you John Rufo for these words~

“Joey De Jesus’s work transforms itself into the world by coming forth as erasures, formally constrained pieces, vocal metamorphoses, and lyric-doublings. He is aware of the page and the un-page: that is, while rooted in poetic consciousness, he cracks the limiting concept open that there is only a written life or a “real” life.” [read more]

Source: The Best Poem I Read This Month: Joey De Jesus’s “Materia VII”