Joey De Jesus for State Assembly

Earlier this year, I thought to put to practice my belief in poetry and decided to challenge Mike Miller for his New York State Assembly seat. Miller votes against the reproductive health rights of women in our district. He is another man who believes he should have a say over what women do with their bodies. Despicable. Additionally, he has historically voted against workplace protections for LGBTQ people, like myself; he voted against marriage equality as a New York Democrat. His voting record proves him a misogynist and homophobe. HE HAS GOT TO GO. I believe in a New York State homes guarantee, prison abolition, reforming policing, free public education, investing in our most segregated schools, decriminalizing sex work, decriminalizing marijuana, repealing the Taylor Law and decriminalizing the strike for public employees and much more. Please check out the campaign site at, donate to the campaign and volunteer to canvass (which has been really fun!)

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