Poetry Workshop FREE & OPEN to the public


Thanks to the Newtown Literary Alliance, I will be leading a creative writing workshop titled, “You Found a Poem in the Stars: Using the Cosmos to Write Poetry of the Self”

Queens Library at Woodside, 54-22 Skillman Avenue

March 02, 2019

2:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m.


In this interactive workshop, participants will read poems by Jerome Rothenberg, Vievee Francis, and dg nanouk okpik to discuss how each poet draws from cosmology to compose metonym, metaphor, and grammar in poems of self-formation. We will also read and discuss specific poetic procedures used by Robin Coste Lewis and LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs and, using these poets’ techniques, compose poems of the self using language literally found in astrological/mythological texts and glossaries from across cultural traditions.


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