The TRYPTICH, Basilica Soundscape, Hudson, NY 9.16.18


Music, readings, performance, prayer, peace. Hosted by Hudson-based artist Shanekia McIntosh. With performances by Martine GutierrezZeelie BrownDavonLady Moon Joey De JesusBibbe Hansen and B Taylor. For the second year in a row, Basilica Soundscape hosting TRIPTYCH, a day of collaborative performance art. TRIPTYCH triangulates at, or toward— The day of performances organizes around three nodes (shrine, movement, and plenum), each participant a star constellating sacred geometries. As a form, the triptych offers reliefs carved on three panels, three alternative imaginings. How might recuperating a livable planet demand a reimagining mysticism? TRIPTYCH moves beyond, approximating at a collective truth through collaborative performance. If the stage is a shrine is the universe, all above, turning into one—and all of space is full, then what are things and what is movement across space?


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