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I wanted to take a moment to post these links to poems recently published online. Black Rabbit Review, is a local journal curated by an irregular crew of regulars of Black Rabbit bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I have to especially thank Jonathan Walsh for the labor-intensive re-creation of this poem, because I lost the editable copy when my computer was stolen back in 2012 and he redesigned it perfectly from scratch. Black Rabbit Review first printed  “Celestogram of Jupiter” some time last year, though the date eludes me at the moment. Check out the poem and send them your writing!

Screenshot 2018-02-11 11.13.02

exorcism of the ritual gristle piece” is a newer poem, written last spring in a single sitting. I have been thinking about entanglements of numina, cathexis, blessing and cursing. Special thanks to the incomparable Kamden Hilliard for including this poem in Jellyfish Magazine 15.


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