2018 Updates


2017 is past. I feel compelled to thank editors Sarah Clark and Erica Mena at Anomaly for having championed my work now for a number of years. A few months back, new Philly Poet Laureate, Raquel Salas Rivera, invited me to contribute to “Puerto Rico en mi Corazón” in effort to raise funds & community following Hurricane Maria. For it, Kenneth Cumba beautifully translated a poem “…because I do not seek inclusion,” first published in BOAAT and written for my immediate community, namely the papis of Papi Juice. Anomaly has published this body of work in their newest issue.

Anomaly also nominated my poem “Liberation” from my long erasure poem, “NOCT: the Threshold of Madness” for Bettering American Poetry 2017. Thank you to the editors for selecting this poem for print. I am humbled by the inclusive gesture and hold a lot of good will toward its editors, who time after time build and offer me space.

I had the pleasure of being invited to participate again in the 44th Poetry Project’s annual New Year’s Day Benefit Reading. I read PROMESA, a sestina I erased out of H.R.4900 PROMESA and from my seared-leather celestograms. In 2017 I wrote an essay on the process of erasing the bill for credit across all my classes in the performance studies program at NYU. The reading was a wonderful experience and I’m just glad that I wasn’t as absolutely wrecked as last year and that the haters have learned to stay away. I’ve posted two short vids to my tumblr, herehere.

Lastly, I have an upcoming reading for the launch of Talk Magazine Issue 3 which includes poems from my materia series after artist and illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. In honoring the ekphrasis, exec. editor Harry Gassel solicited Alexis Beauclair for illustration into speculative landscape. The typeface is Gardena (unreleased) by Berton Hasebe. I can’t wait to hold, read, see, and smell it; the ink (and magazine in general) are of superb quality. I will be reading this Friday evening at Norwood Club. Hopefully, I’ll see you there!


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