2017 NYFA/NYSCA Fellowship in Poetry

So, I am included among the 17 recipients of this year’s NYFA/NYSCA’s Fellowship in Poetry. I was entirely prepared to be overlooked again, because hey~ The announcement bewildered me. Among the congratulatory notes I’ve received, the word “deserve” keeps reappearing. I deserve accolade no more than any of my peers who practice poetries in their own lives—written, spoken, gestured or not. I still believe that prestige is the social capital that finances our abusers, and so acknowledgement feels double-edged. How to graciously accept while simultaneously deflating a specific significance? Who knows? A trade wind jades me. Thank you to the people who’ve emotionally, intellectually, & financially sustained me in recent times, you know who you are, and I am so grateful to you. You def helped me realize this strange comfort.
~Congrats to all the recipients~
Especially Alejandro Varela (Apogee Fam)
Additionally, an interview I did with Xanath Caraza went live today ~Check it out~
Here’s to extending this brief stunt of living cute:

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