two poems in bedfellows

i am thankful to Laura Blagrave for providing a home for two of my poems. i began work on “bigger than the moon” around the winter holidays in 2011. i was on vacation from grad school. the first draft of the poem was so exhausting to write that i put it down and left it alone. skip ahead to

skip ahead to january 30th, the first class of my last semester at sarah lawrence. 2 days after the shit hit the fan with the home invasion, i went to campus FRIED, unwashed and still in shock, & read this poem to marie howe and thomas sayers ellis.

…they were like O_O… floored that i would even come to campus. but i came to campus that day to share that poem.

that was the last time i felt as though i had to prove myself as a poet.

im really thankful bedfellows made a home for this poem.


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