So happy to be participating in POPSICKLE for my second year ~

POPSICKLE is coming back for the sixth year, bringing together readers for one weekend-long megareading. This year we’ll party at the Living Gallery (1094 Broadway Brooklyn NY, 11221) on Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st.

Joshua Cohen | Paige Taggart | Oriana Leckert | Jackie Clark | Kait Heacock | Mack Gelber | Tracy O’Neill | Joanna Valente | Mylo Mendez | Jasmine Gibson | Allyson Paty | Eliot Hudson | Dallas Athent | Nathaniel Kressen | Abby Ronner | Joey De Jesus | Gloria Beth Amodeo | Caits Meissner | Davy Knittle | Ana Bozicevic | Niina Pollari | Peter Milne Greiner | Harmon Butcher | Rickey Laurentiis | Kashana Cauley | Mensah Demary | Ryan Sartor | Lauren Wilkinson | Maud Deitch | Valerie Hsiung | Giovanna Olmos | Natalie Chin | Annie Malamet | Miles Klee | Oriana Leckert | S. Whitney Holmes | Alys Velazquez | Ashley D’Arcy | Shal Nirvanus


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