New Work / Readings in 2015

Mental Marginalia // March 24 // 7pm // The West: 379 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY

The Poetry Project // May 22 // 8pm // St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery: 131 E 10th St, New York, NY


I have recently been working on “NOCT-” from Hoax, an evolving collection/performance of poetry across media.

“NOCT-” is a series of erasures predicated on how the demonization of brown and black bodies, the anxiety of erasure, and internalized inferiority manifests into identity crisis and alienation. The piece is twofold: the isolated text arranged as 17 pages of poetry and the “erased” original, which consists of 200+ pages of encoded imagery–imagery that draws from sigil-making, astrolabes, magic circles etc… It is a chronicle of identity crisis. the source text is a how-to book on conducting dark magic. “dark” as in “black”

Scan0028 Scan0029

Photo Feb 12, 8 24 37 PM



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